Welcome to Je-sesiands Global Resources Limited, we offer our customers varieties of quality roofs and plumbing pipes, tailored to meet your budget

We offer the very best solution to the problem of Roofs and Plumbing pipes in Nigeria

Why choose us

Je-sesiands Global Resources Limited is one of the leading roofing company in Nigeria with industry experience of over 5 years

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Our Roofing Tiles

We partner with the world leading tested and certified roofing manufacturing companies so we can deliver the best to our clients

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Our Past Projects

Our customer satisfaction is the reason we are still in Business, click below to see some of our past projects.

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Our Services

Gerard roofs

We get our Gerard roofs from Wichtech Industries; it’s no doubt one of the best roof tiles in the market. We sell at their current price and focuses on service delivery and customer satisfaction at a supersonic speed.

stone coated roofs

We get our roofs from other business partners, having understood the product performance of each of them; we assemble quality roofs at affordable prices with customer’s budget in mind for different categories.

Aluminium Longspan and

We deliver exceptional aluminium roofing sheets both in long span and Step tiles in various gauge and colors in all the 36 states including FCT.

General Plumbing

Plumbing pipes are the life-wire of any product; hence good and durable pipe must be use to prevent leakages and bad plumbing. Most of our recommended pipes are from FlowPlumb and uses some other alternatives.

Roof gutter water
collector system

Water collector and gutter system are plastic rain water collectors, that collects water round the roof and channel down wards neatly through down pipes to reduce the splashing of sand at the base of the building,

We give our customers varieties of quality roofs and plumbing pipes thereby tailoring our services to suit their budget

We are the roofing masters,beauty you wish to see.

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To be the most preferred roof and plumbing company in excellence services delivery.

To ensure our customers get the very best of roof and plumbing pipes at affordable prices.

Our service is better and faster since we always work with the customer’s budget, hence unnecessary time as a result of back and forth negotiations is reduced.

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