“On time and on budget is the phrase we live by, and Gerard helps us deliver this. Using Gerard adds value to our project as people like the look of their roofs and the security they offer. The service we receive from Wichtech Roofing is great and we’ve never had a problem using their products. As builders of high-quality homes, I’d never suggest trying to buy a roof on the cheap – it’s just not worth the hassle. Considering the roof’s job, it’s one area you want to know works.”


“The natural stone finish on Gerard roof tiles gives the roof a really interesting look. It’s difficult to match the performance and quality of Gerard, even though there are other products like it, they are never as good, especially after installation, when the natural colour can often fade. Gerard always remains vibrant. For our clients near the coast, we would recommend Gerard for sure, as it doesn’t corrode and it does come with a fifty-year warranty.”


“I have worked with a lot of roofs, but Gerard is the best! I always recommend Gerard to my clients; it is the highest quality, performs well and doesn’t require maintenance. It is also very secure and safe. Gerard trains us well, so we know about the company and that they invented the steel roof tile. Installing Gerard is a pleasure; it’s well-made so installation is easier and quicker than with some other materials. Plus, they don’t get damaged like clay tiles to.”


“For us, Gerard was an easy choice. Firstly, it had to look good, not just now, but in five to ten years time. Secondly, it had to provide security for our family, which Gerard does. Thirdly, we didn’t want any maintenance hassles, and never have with our Gerard roof. All this and the great service we received from Wichtech Roofing made them our number one choice and we don’t regret it for a minute.”


“The safety of our guests is paramount, so the Gerard fire resistant qualities made it our first choice. The fact that the colour doesn’t change also ensures the hotel always looks in the best condition, and that’s important.”

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